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About Me



In 2012, I made a birthday cake for my son’s birthday party, just to make it. Soon after, my husband, Joshua Salazar, and I found out that we were expecting our daughter. At the time, my husband was working late nights and I would wait up for him, at home. While waiting up for him, I became intrigued by the cake decorating videos on YouTube. I became interested in the way that cake decorators used different techniques for different cakes. Those videos prompted me to make a cake for my husband’s birthday in 2013.

After making a couple of family cakes, we took it to social media and it quickly became a hit. Before I knew it, I picked up my first client. The first cake I made to sell was a Mike Wazowski cake from Disney’s Monster’s Inc. It was challenging in the beginning, because what started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a business. My husband/co-founder began investing in the cake business by purchasing equipment that would allow me to be more efficient and gave the business a name, Wishful Sweets.

With that, I began taking more and more orders. In April of 2014, I booked my first wedding cake. It was challenging because I had never made a wedding cake before, but with challenges came experience. After every cake, I learned something new and used those skills for the next cake. To this day, I still learn from little mistakes, but those mistakes are what helps me get better. With the support of my family and friends, I have been able to thrive and succeed in this little home-based business.

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